The 2nd North Africa International Conference
& Exhibition for Ports & Free Zones

Seamless Connections, Boundless Opportunities

ICPFZ 2024

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18 - 20th, Nov 2024
Libya, Misurata Free Zone


Continuing the Path to Success

Our inaugural event in 2023 achieved remarkable milestones, setting the stage for an even more influential gathering this year. ICPFZ 2024 illuminates the lucrative investment prospects within North Africa’s thriving ports and free zones, extending its reach beyond regional boundaries. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a forward-thinking business, or a government representative, this conference serves as your beacon—a guiding light to navigate the vast potential in our rapidly growing port and free zone sectors.

Beyond Conventional Boundaries

ICPFZ 2024 transcends the ordinary. It’s more than a conference; it’s a crucible of innovation, a hub for networking, and a marketplace of ideas. Here, the brightest minds unite to share insights, explore innovative strategies, and embrace cutting-edge technologies. Together, we’ll chart the course for the future of our industries.

Join us at the crossroads of change, where opportunities converge and tomorrow takes shape. Let’s navigate the seas of possibility and shape a brighter future for North Africa and beyond.

ICPFZ 2023

The role of global trends in increasing the competitiveness






ICPFZ 2024: Navigating Opportunities, Shaping Tomorrow

Welcome to the 2nd North Africa International Conference & Exhibition for Ports & Free Zones (ICPFZ 2024)! As we gather in the vibrant city of Misrata, we embark on a journey to unlock a world brimming with opportunities—our mission is to foster collaboration, innovation, and growth within the maritime and free zone sectors. From cutting-edge technologies to sustainable practices, ICPFZ 2024 promises a platform where industry leaders, decision-makers, and visionaries converge to shape the future. Join us as we chart new courses, forge partnerships, and unlock the potential of North Africa’s ports and free zones and beyond. Together, we’ll navigate toward prosperity and create a legacy that resonates far beyond these conference halls.

We wish you an insightful and fruitful experience at #ICPFZ 20

Why Misurata ?

1| Economic Powerhouse

Misrata, Libya’s third-largest city, thrives due to its bustling port
and the Misurata Free Zone (MFZ), which drive trade and innovation.

2| Gateway to Prosperity

Hosting ICPFZ 2024, Misrata attracts industry leaders,
fostering real partnerships and sustainable growth.

3| Investment Hub

By embracing ICPFZ 2024, Misrata offers extensive investment opportunities,
appealing to businesses worldwide


Misurata Free Zone

Established in 2000, the Misurata Free Zone stands as Libya’s premier gateway to Africa and beyond. Strategically located on the Mediterranean coast, MFZ unites major trade routes, offering investors seamless access to global markets. Home to Libya’s largest commercial seaport, MFZ is a beacon of trade, providing a tax-free, unrestricted business haven for local and international investors. Committed to fostering international trade and investment, MFZ extends unlimited incentives, ensuring its position as a pivotal transit hub with world-class services.

The ICPFZ Organizing Committee

ICPFZ 2024 springs to life through the tireless efforts of an organizing committee, meticulously selected by the Misurata Free Zone Board. Comprising exceptional professionals, this committee is the cornerstone of the event’s success. Their collective expertise spans diverse domains, guaranteeing high-quality service throughout the event days. Months of meticulous planning and unwavering dedication have culminated in this momentous event. Driven by a shared vision, our committee members have curated a program that transcends mere information-sharing—it’s transformative. Every detail, from securing world-class speakers to facilitating invaluable networking opportunities, has been crafted to ensure a productive and unforgettable experience for all attendees.

"MFZ is not just a free zone; it’s a launchpad for global trade. Our vision for this event is to open doors to new business possibilities and to cement Libya’s role as a pivotal trade hub" –Aladdin R Baba, MFZ Marketing Director & General Chair of the Organizing Committee


Intrview about ICPFZ 2023

Dr.Martin Schram

Partner at HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH

"The organization of the event was nothing short of impressive. Despite the organizers having a mere six weeks to bring everything together, they efficiently executed the task. The event's success is evident in its seamless operation and the caliber of speakers and companies it managed to attract. It stands as a testament to the dedication and skill of the organizing team.”

Mr.Deborah Hirst

Orkin Libya Representative & AmCham Libya President

"Representing Orkin Libya, I am delighted to recount our successful three-year presence in Libya. The Misurata Free Zone,our premier international client, embodies a vision for global leadership,adopting international practices and standards that have been pivotal to our success in pest management. As the President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Libya, I’ve facilitated introductions between various companies and the Free Zone, all of whom have been impressed by its international caliber.”

Hani Amara

Journalist, Al-Ahram, Egypt

"Attending the North African International Conference in Libya was an insightful experience, where safety and progress were evident. This event not only showcased Libya’s advancements in ports and free zones but also provided exceptional networking opportunities with experts and leaders from 25 countries. The meticulous organization reflected Libya’s resurgence, and the airport’s world-class standards affirmed the nation’s governance. Such events are crucial for establishing global partnerships and encouraging investment.”

Mr.Giacomo Grandisso

Head of Economic and Commercial Office, Embassy of Italy

"The ICPFZ 2023 was a remarkable event. We were delighted to participate, explore, and learn about the numerous opportunities it presented. The exhibition showcased innovative ideas, fostered collaboration, and provided valuable insights into the region’s economic potential. As representatives from the Italian embassy in Libya, we found the conference was an excellent platform for networking and building meaningful connections. The vibrant atmosphere, diverse discussions, and engaging sessions left a lasting impression on us”

Mr. Tong Lichoa

SANY Global Representative

“The exhibition in Libya was not just an event; it was a cultural phenomenon that brought together a lot of visitors from diverse backgrounds. The variety in pricing ensured accessibility for all, making it a hub of activity and exchange. The impact was palpable, leaving a lasting impression of Libya’s hospitality and business potential. I am thoroughly impressed and look forward to rejoining this influential gathering in the future.”

Mr. Stefan Cassimon

Port of Antwerp-Bruges international

"I was impressed by the conference’s insightful discussions and engaging sessions. The platform it provided for industry leaders to delve into port-centric logistics, supply chain efficiency, and integrated investment plans was truly unique. The commitment to sustainable growth and innovation was evident throughout the event. Moreover, the networking opportunities facilitated valuable exchanges of ideas and exploration of potential collaborations. These connections made during ICPFZ 2023 have resulted in fruitful cooperation and partnerships with the Misurata Free Zone (MFZ)."

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