International Conference for Ports and Free Zones
(ICPFZ 2023) 18-20 November , 2023

The World has recently witnessed a rapid development in the maritime transport industry as well as ports and logistics sector. This development increase the need for setting integrated investment plans to enhance ports and free zones comptitiveness.The free zones are considered one of the most important economic resources for its active role in the trade exchange movements between countries . International Conference for POrts and Free Zones (ICPFZ 2023) Sheds the light on the role of Green transitions , Digitalization , Sustainable infrastructure , and innovation in keeping pace with the global chalenges and how does enhancing the human resources capabilities plays a vital role in the development of the maritime transport industry as well as ports and logistic sector.



Arab Academy for Science , Technology & Maritime Transport

Port Training Institute

Why attend this conference?

Boosting regional cooperation

The conference fosters cooperation and ties between ports and free zones in North Africa, where participants can explore joint ventures, trade agreements, infrastructure projects, and other collaboration opportunities that can enhance economic growth and trade in this region.

Exploring investment opportunities

The conference showcases the potential of the ports and free zones sector in North Africa. You can learn about the business environment, tax laws, and competitive advantages that this region offers, which will help you make informed investment decisions.

Enhancing ports and free zones

By attending the conference, you can exchange ideas and plans with other participants on how to develop the infrastructure, improve the operations, and increase the volume of trade through ports in this region.

Embracing innovation and technology

The conference encourages the use of innovation and technology in the ports and free zones sector in North Africa. You can also get acquainted with the most recent technological advances and creative solutions that can enhance infrastructure and optimize operations in this sector.

Sharing knowledge and experiences

The conference offers a platform for ports and free zones in North Africa to share their insights and achievements in developing and managing their facilities. You can learn from their successes and adopt best practices in the sector.

Conference Objctives

To showcase the latest global trends and innovations in the maritime transport, ports and logistics sector.
To improve the competitiveness of free zones by adopting flexible planning and operation strategies.
To address the modern global challenges and provide suggested solutions.
To foster openness and communication with major global entities to learn from their expertise and experiences.
To enhance the efficiency of workers in ports, containers, and the oil and gas sector to meet the global standards and international agreements for safety, security, and green transformation.
To explore the role of green transformation in improving the efficiency of port and logistics operations.
To benefit from smart governance applications in the ports, logistics and free zones sector.
To share the best practices and issue recommendations and proposals.

Conference Topics

Digital transformation and innovation in ports and free zones.

Investment opportunities in free zones and transit trade.

Transit trade and global market trends.

Trade facilitation and logistics services in ports and free zones.

Sustainable development and environmental initiatives in ports and free zones.